Requesting A Visa To Australia? Make Certain Your Migration Agent Is Actually Registered

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Australia immigration is rigorously monitored by police who perform their best to guarantee bail applicants are not taken controlled by rogue mara agent Mumbai. By legal, all migration agents are required to enroll with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Migration Agents Registration Authority members need to meet "knowledge requirements" - that they must be a Australian Legal Practitioner or have completed a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice. They are required to complete classes in such fields before they could operate legally in Australia.

Whether you wish to file your Australian visa application with the assistance of an mara agent Borivali West they have to be quite a MARA member. Giving out migration advice without even being registered is illegal and will lead to legal activity by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). A risk is that your application will not be submitted properly, jeopardising your chance of bond success if you employ the assistance of an unregistered agent.

Someone who is not a enrolled mara agent can assist you :

Filling in forms and files,

Understanding records and types,

If you Require a visa Discovering

Providing you.

They can't:

Tell you which visa to use,

Show you how to request for a visa, or

Use their experience that will help you.

Any office of MARA exists to protect the interests of visa applicants. Individuals migrating to Australia may be open to migration fraud if they haven't fully recognized the English language. Some individuals will benefit from this vulnerability to get their own means.

Things to watch out for to Prevent migration fraud:

Misleading advice - a rogue operator may insinuate that he or she has a "agreement" of a form with DIAC whereby clients are automatically granted visas. This is not the case.

Ask for upfront payment - visa application fees are paid when your application is lodged not beforehand and also you also are able to pay your self to these fees. The fees would be the migration agent.

A long wait - a few visa software do take a substantial quantity of time for you and energy to assess. Research the normal processing period which means you're aware if something isn't perfect, Prior to applying.

Documents - in most cases, DIAC require certified copies of your documents. They will be couriered back as soon as possible Should it require originals. Your broker doesn't have to hang onto your papers.

Prices that seem too good to be true - once in a lifetime visas do not exist. Beware if you is promised by your broker.

How to make sure your migration representative is registered:

Ask! - Ask to determine their enrollment number.

Check the MARA website - all registered mara agent Mumbai are recorded on the website. Simply visit "Find Agents" then hunt the name or registration number of one's own agent. When he or she's operating their name can come up. You might also locate a registered mara agent close to you personally by hunting your postcode.

By simply submitting it don't risk your visa application. Do your research and know your rights - specially when it comes to application fees. Always check to be certain your migration agent is enrolled with the Office of MARA.